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How 3 Individuals Who Freelance Jobs While Working A Full-time Job Get In Thousands A Month On The Side.

The side hustle has become a popular supplement to full-time
work, often in the form of starting a business or freelancing.

•  Successful side
hustlers excel at their full-time job first to ensure that others don't
question their extra work.

•  Keep your hustle and a full-time career in the same circles, keep a strict schedule on and off the clock and focus on the quality rather than the quantity of your work.

•  Also, remember to practice good self-care techniques while working around the clock.

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BI Prime stories.

Taking on a second job while already employed in a full-time position used to be called "moonlighting." Today, it has morphed into the near-ubiquitous side hustle, a practice that has exploded in the gig economy — with a new twist.

Instead of doubling up by working for two employers (one after hours), the side hustle now often refers to launching your own small business or startup and/or taking on freelance jobs and gigs.

A 2019 report from Bankrate.Com showed that almost half of
US workers now rely on a side hustle for extra cash, whether to pay their
bills, boost their savings, or have discretionary funds at the ready.

Business Insider tapped three part-time freelancers with
high-paying side gigs to find out what this modern-day moonlighting looks like
in practice — and how to make these two seemingly conflicting roles fit
together seamlessly.

Talya Miron-Shatz is a professor at the Ono Academic College and CEO of her startup Buddy&Soul, a platform for personal development, and earns a comfortable six-figure salary. 

She's also a freelance consultant on patient and prescriber behavior. She does consulting work through her own company and consults for other companies as a freelancer — and brings in $10,000 or more per side project.

Talya Miron-Shatz. Talya Miron-Shatz


She suggested that if you go above and beyond in your
full-time position, it helps to create goodwill among colleagues about your
freelance activities as well.

"Your supervisor might be doubting why she's paying you
full time when you're otherwise involved," she explained. "Don't get
there. Be sure to give your organization all it deserves, and then some."

To this end, Miron-Shatz said that she works hard to be the
"most productive faculty member at the school of business

"I bring in grants," she said. "And since I homework medical decision-making, which is a hot subject, particularly now with COVID-19, I'm constantly interviewed, which goes through the college PR and everybody sees.

This way, nobody flinches when I am also CEO of Buddy&Soul, or tells me it comes at the expense of my performance."

Miron-Shatz also suggested that you can simplify your life
by creating synergy between your dual roles.

"Promoting two careers is hard enough, but if you do it
in parallel, it's easier," she said, pointing out that if you're a carpenter
who writes poetry, you can't exactly pander your rhymes to people who come in
for custom shelving.

In her case, she avoids this disconnect by ensuring that
everything she does — both as a professor and an independent contractor —
revolves around medical decision-making.

"My daytime employment is at the faculty of business administration, where I education medical decision-making and teach customer behavior.

I have over 50 academic publications, which create unique knowledge and give me expertise and credibility, which my consulting and my startup benefit from," she shared.

In addition to working a full-time job as a lead UX designer for a Fortune 500 company, Becky Beach also runs two businesses — an e-commerce store and the blog Mom Beach LLC, a work-at-home resource for moms that gets more than 50,000 page views per month — in her spare time.

Becky Beach. Becky Beach

"The reason why I started side hustling was that I was wasting too much time watching TV after work and wanted to do something productive.

" said Beach, who has, since launching her business in the summer of 2017, made over $500,000 in sales through her online boutique and makes over $1,000 a month with her blog. As a result of her successful side hustles, she has paid off over $150,000 in debt.

While acknowledging that she makes a full-time income from
her side-hustle businesses alone, she finds her day job as a UX designer
"very satisfying," which is why she hasn't left her corporate job to
become a full-time freelancer.

Doing double duty like this does take some planning, though.
The UX designer and blogger starts the day by getting up at 4 a.M. To work on
her freelance businesses. Then, she works on them again during her lunch break,
and at 8 p.M. After her four-year-old son goes to sleep.

Beach practices "time blocking" to accomplish all of this, which involves dividing her day into discrete blocks of time dedicated to a specific goal or task.

The theory is that this approach helps you avoid wasting time figuring out what to do and when, given a long to-do list and conflicting priorities, since you've already indicated on your schedule exactly what you plan to do with each hour of your day.

And it works for Beach. "I will usage the Pomodoro
time-blocking technique to issue my time into 25-minute blocks," she
believed. "For five minutes between my blocks, I will get up and give and
walk around the house."

The 25-minute time block favored by the Pomodoro Technique
is thought to be "long enough to get meaningful work done, but short
enough not to exhaust a person," The ONE Thing blog states — a good
benchmark for freelancers who have limited hours to get their client work done.

In addition to time management, figuring out an effective approach to client management is another piece of the puzzle for those who are both full-time workers and freelance jobs

According to Peter Czepiga — who works in marketing full time as growth marketing senior analyst at Bespoke Post, a men's subscription and eCommerce brand, and also freelances as a part-time media buyer — a key part of client management requires limiting how many freelance clients you agree to take on.

Peter Czepiga. Peter Czepiga

Czepiga, who is currently freelancing for the culinary brand Momofuku, helping them leverage paid social ads to drive online reservations, said his biggest piece of advice to avoid overdoing it is to work with only one freelance client at a time.

With this in mind, he tries to keep his freelance rates competitive; depending on the job, Czepiga charges either a percentage of media spend or bills hourly at roughly $120 an hour, working between eight to 10 hours a week.

This nets him roughly an extra $1,000 a month on top of his full-time salary, or around $12,000 more a year.

"Freelancing is a saturated and competitive way to make a living," Czepiga said. "Meanwhile you are selling your time, in order to harvest high-quality effort that happens your client's expectations.

It is far more productive to build one deep client relationship rather than produce low quality work and leave multiple clients dissatisfied."

Czepiga admitted that in the past, juggling several clients
led to his own underperformance across the board, which resulted in actually
losing multiple clients simultaneously.

"I thought numerous customers would be additional cost-effective, but I was extending myself way too thin!" Czepiga said. "I have been far gladder and create far more long-term achievement since spiking with my one-client-at-a-time approach."

He explained that the way he parsed his client list down to
one was simply by being pickier about who he worked with. A good way to go
about doing this is by raising your rates.

"The chances are that you are underrating your facilities in the first place, and clients who truly value your contributions more will be more willing to compensate you at a competitive rate,

" Czepiga said. "Clients who are looking for a cheap fix rather than a long-term partnership will likely drop off." In either case, Czepiga pointed out that it's a win-win situation because you can then reinvest that freed-up time back into your one quality client.

Czepiga also advised that it's important to make sure you understand the scope of work that your client expects from you.

So that you have a good idea of when you should start looking for new clients. In his case, he asks his clients to provide a rough timeline of how long they expect to need his freelance services.

"Once I have that peace of mind, I can stop worrying
about business development/onboarding potential new business and focus on
performing the highest quality service possible for my client," Czepiga

Taking intentional steps toward creating better balance —
between not only their two roles but between their personal and professional
life — becomes critical for people who work full-time as well as freelance.
Otherwise, they risk burning the candle at both ends.

"To flourish in a job — and even more so, in two
professions — you need to have some mental reserves," Miron-Shatz said.

But how can you make this happen in a world where there is always a reason to stay by your desk? Miron-Shatz explained that it's about creating good habits and sticking with them. With this, she exercises daily through swimming, yoga, or walking.

"I never bounce workout more than double a week. When I
get to work out with my daughters, that's a bonus," she shared.

Another way that Miron-Shatz preserves mental reserves is by carving out Friday night as a date night with her husband.

"I do not ever work that evening, ever — which retains me sane and gives me a mental relaxation horizon," she said.

Another self-care rule includes not pulling all-nighters — a
lesson she learned the hard way.

"I fixed this once for a massive project, which was accessible in the UN Special Assembly on non-communicable diseases," she said. "Sleep equals health plus sanity."

So I suggest you please doing work with Fiverr Jobs Upwork Jobs Guru Jobs.














Fiverr is a top website among the best freelance websites of the world.Fiverr.com is the best Freelance jobs website. Fiverr has the ability to move you, displease you and also amuse you.

But, is it a legitimate freelancing website that could help your business? To be frank, this stage is parallel to a big flea market, and you need to sift through plenty of garbage to discover the hidden gems.

fiverr jobs

Fiverr jobs are a delightful idea that’s supposed for its innovation gigs – an on-demand freelance model that actually works even with simple offerings. However, if you are new to it, and you’re trying to find out if it really works.

In fact, Fiverr is a business that allows transactions among sellers and buyers. So you need not worry about it being a scam.

Like any additional freelance market, you need not be worried about the firm. Rather the point of concern is the sellers and buyers who opt to make use of the platform for their transactions.

Various people who come across Fiverr are originally excited with such a countless chance to earn money easily by doing relatively simple tasks.

However, the catch is that while it’s an excellent platform, several gigs are nothing more than scams. So, you need to know how to avoid Fiverr scams that you come across and profit from outsourcing.


Upwork is also one of the best websites from the best freelance websites. Upwork is also the best freelance website. Upwork.com also a good source of Best Freelance jobs for everyone and Upwork jobs will be very beneficial for beginners.

upwork jobs

Best place to work online, Best Freelance Jobs I want to  share you a small story about Upwork jobs

Why Upwork
works for the Stay-at-Home Mom, and how I’ve made over 100K on this Platform

In 2016 I
left my spouse of 16 years. I had 3 children (one barely a year old), no job,
and no money. I desperately wanted to stay home with my youngest child, but I
also needed an income to support us. So I turned to Upwork — and it worked.

At the end
of this story, I will share my profile link on Upwork so you can verify
everything I’ve told you (if you want). But I’m saving it to the end because
I’d like you to hear my story first.

How I got
started on Upwork

About six months before I began working regularly on Upwork, I tried another freelancing platform.

I initially started experimenting with this to earn money to buy diapers and formula for my littlest and to pay for my older sons’ extracurricular activities. At this time I was still married.

But this other
platform was more of a cheap content mill. I earned about $10 to $15 per
article and I cranked them. I was thrilled to earn a couple of hundred dollars
every few weeks.

As time went
on, I began to see that you could make even more money on Upwork. But I was
scared because you had to interact with the clients. And I wasn’t confident in
my abilities at that point.

Leaving my marriage changed all of that — feeling confident and ready was a luxury I could no longer afford.

I had to find a way to support my family on my own — or go back to work full time and put my youngest in daycare. So I began to explore Upwork.

In my heart,
I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom

for me, I discovered all of the promising stories about Upwork before
discovering the haters (which I will get to later).

And I
decided that this was the way I could be a stay-at-home mom and still earn
income to support my kids. I knew a number of parents who supported families
earning money through MLM programs — selling makeup, hair products, jewelry,
etc. But I had tried that once and it wasn’t for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for mommas making money in whatever way that they can. To this day I buy a lot of my products from them because I want to be supportive and well, many of the goods they sell are pretty awesome.

But I didn’t have the money to invest, nor the time to grow and nurture this kind of business. And frankly, I wasn’t comfortable asking my friends to buy things from me. It’s not that it’s bad, but it just wasn’t a fit for me.

however, was. I dreamed of launching a blog and making money off of it, but
again, blogging requires a small investment to get started and it takes time to
build. (I did finally launch a blog, but only recently.)

writing, on the other hand, requires very little — a computer, wifi connection,
and a little bit of skill.

This is
especially true if you use a platform like Upwork that handles the marketing,
payments, etc. for you. (If you decide to go on your own, you have to work
through these details yourself.)

I read up on the different ways to get started and began to experiment with it. And to my delight, I landed my first job.

I laugh about it now because I wrote around 1000 words — for $5. The person who hired me loved my work and asked me for more, but after that first quick success, I raised my rates (to a whopping $15/hour) and turned her down.

I recall
being so nervous asking for $15/hour. Would anyone hire me? Yep, they did.
Through that job, I had steady work each week. And so I raised my rates again —
to $25/hour.

With success
at $25/hour, I became bolder and more confident

And I raised my rates again to $50 and then to $65. Within 3 months I went from earning $300 per month to $3,000 per month.

And after 6 months of using Upwork, I was earning between $4,000 and $6,000 on average each month while raising a toddler, taking care of two teenage boys, and figuring out life as a newly single mom.

I stayed at $65 an hour for a long time. I had landed a few really good clients at this price point and they were keeping me busy.

I’d also accept flat-rate projects because I could justify a decent fee based on my hourly rate — and didn’t have a problem finding clients willing to pay it.

Before I
started freelancing on Upwork, I was broke

Because I had no money and no support from my former spouse, we had to move away from our hometown and close to my parents. They lived in a small town —

and it was hell for us. We didn’t know anyone, had trouble adapting to the lifestyle there and were all squashed into a tiny two-bedroom house on the main road in town with one bathroom — all four of us.

However, within 6 months of my working on Upwork, we were able to move back to our hometown and into a four-bedroom home in a nice neighborhood that was zoned to the schools my boys used to attend before the split.

In half of a year of working on Upwork, I was able to support my family on my own. And, although I’ve branched out to other projects,

I still use this freelancing site on a regular basis. In fact, at the time of writing this article, I’m charging $125 per hour for my copywriting services— and getting it.

When I first
shared with others online how I was making money with Upwork, I was shocked at
the backlash

I was a
member of a large private Facebook group for moms focused on entrepreneurship
and working from home. Someone posted a question about how to earn money as a
writer. And I exuberantly shared my experience and suggested Upwork.

The backlash
from haters was unreal!

It’s awful.

You can’t
make any money there.

People won’t
pay you what you are worth.

Run! They

I think I
even got into an online “debate” with a girl about it. Then I looked her up.
She’d made less than $100 on Upwork and I’d made well over $50K at this time. I
quickly realized it wasn’t worth it to argue with her because she didn’t know
what she was talking about.

But even here, on Medium, there are Upwork haters writing about why you should never use the platform.

It’s not for everybody, I get it. But it does work for some people, I included. And I think that it works well if you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad) who wants to balance being there for kids and earning money — on your own terms.

Upwork is great for full-time freelancing or even side-gig money — but there are a few things you should know. First….

Before you begin using it, you need to get in the right frame of mind. Think of it as a giant garage sale or second-hand store. You know when you go to one of these places, there is a TON of cheap crap.

And on the
day that you visit, that’s all you may find — junk that you want nothing to do
with. But sometimes when you are out thrift shopping, you come across that one
thing that makes all the crap you’ve encountered worth the trouble.

Maybe it’s a
piece of jewelry or art…or some sort of antique that is worth a small fortune.
Whatever it is, you scored, big time.

That is what
Upwork is like when you first get started. The complaints that the haters have
about people trying to hire you cheaply are accurate. There is a lot of that,
especially in the beginning.

But you
don’t have to take those jobs. You don’t even have to talk to those people. And
as you spend more time on the platform, you’ll learn how to sift the gems from
the junk.

there are gems out there. Through my connections on Upwork, I have met some of
the most amazing clients. I’ve been referred to other clients from these people
outside of the platform.

And I have
clients who I have worked with for 3+ years on Upwork who I absolutely adore. I
wouldn’t have found them otherwise — especially as a broke, single mom who
couldn’t even afford to set up her own website.

Yes, I still
get inquiries from cheap people who want to pay me next to nothing, but I also
meet people who know how much I charge and they are okay with paying it. In
fact, I don’t find them — they find me!

This takes
time to build, but if you have some writing skills or another marketable talent
on this platform, it can be done.


Aside from
complaints about cheap jobs, the haters also complain that Upwork takes 20% of
your earnings. Yes, this is true — but only in the beginning.

You see,
Upwork automatically deducts 20% of the first $500 you earn with a client.
After that, they drop their share to 10%…then down to 5% after you’ve earned
$10,000 with a client.

I approach these two ways. First, I try to price my jobs with 20% in mind for new clients. My hourly rate always has this factored in. And when I bid on a flat rate, I decide what I want to make — then add 20%. As long as the client is willing to pay what I ask, it’s a win for everyone.

Secondly, I
do my best to keep my clients happy and continuing to work with me. I have
multiple clients that I’ve done more than $10k in work for — and for those, Upwork
only takes 5%.

the fact that they handle all the collections of payment, processing,
marketing, etc. I think it is a pretty good deal. I’ve since launched my own
website and do some marketing on my own — but it is work! And I’d rather be
earning money than trying to market so that I CAN earn money.

It’s not
that I’m lazy, just limited on time.

final point on Upwork is that it does take time.

People want
instant gratification. That’s why all the articles and courses on how to make a
buck fast using this proven system or that fail-proof formula are so popular.

But the
reality is that it takes time to build up a business. When I first started on
Upwork, I identified and applied for 5 jobs every day — that was my system for
getting business.

I’d search
and save the jobs using the Upwork app on my smartphone while waiting at soccer
practice with my 6th grader, or watching Blippi with my toddler. I used every
opportunity I had to find the gems amongst the crap.

Then, when
the kids were asleep I would apply for at least five jobs I chose that day. I
did this for over a year until I finally reached a point where people found me

Today, I
don’t look for jobs at all. I work with my existing clients and I sift through
messages from people who want to work with me — and select the ones I’ll
respond to.

I have
branched out, but I continue to use Upwork and I am thankful that it exists.
And, as promised, here’s a link to my profile if you want to see my credentials
on Upwork.

There is so much more I could say about growing a freelance business on Upwork, but I’ve gone on long enough for one article. Next time, I’ll share with you more details of the strategies I’ve used to navigate this platform. But for now, go check it out and see if it is something you are interested in using.


guru jobs<br/>

Guru.com also one of the best freelance websites. Guru.com is a freelance Jobs marketplace. It allows companies to seek out freelance workers for commissioned work. It started in 1998 in Pittsburgh as eMoonlighter.com and still headquartered there. You can get work from guru jobs easily.


PeoplePerHour.com jobs

Just like Fiverr Jobs Upwork Jobs Guru Jobs Also one of the good websites among the best freelance websites is peopleperhour.com.

PeoplePerHour.com a large best freelance jobs market linking with small trades (known as "Buyers") with a vast pool of brilliant freelancers ("Freelancers") presents every business facility you'll visualize from copywriting to logo design, web development to commercial administration, or writing articles.


Truelancer jobs

Another website for freelance jobs is truelancer.com. At Truelancer.com, we are on a mission to create a worldwide community of Trusted Freelancers.

Truelancer.com is a web Stage for Businesses to rent Specialists to need their work done and Freelancers and Professionals can Search Jobs and Earn money by working with real clients across the planet.

Customers can find Developers, Designers, Content Writers, Virtual Assistants, Mobile App Developer and lots of other professionals. It is the best freelance job market.

Freelance jobs projects on various categories love it & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and lots of more are often posted and located on Truelancer.com.


99designs.com is one of the best freelance websites. 99designs.com is also a good source of the best freelance jobs market.99designs is a global creative platform that creates it easy for designers and clients to figure together to make designs they love.

Our tried-and-true inventive procedure assists clients and creators to connect and collaborate on logos, business cards, t-shirts, websites and more.


The best freelance website & Best Freelance Jobs in the world is WorknHire. WorknHire – Freelance jobs Marketplace for India

WorknHire.com, produce of WorknHire Technologies Pvt Ltd, has been formed to bond the gap among Freelancers and Client in India by bringing them under one roof.

The thought of WorknHire came to us seeing the demand generated by the various start-ups and little business to seek out freelancers/contractors for his or her work and hence a customized solution for the Indian market.

Projects are often posted and located on various categories love it & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, and Sales & Marketing. Making an account, conclusion work or posting a project is unfettered from cost on WorknHire.


Hireable.com is also a part of the best freelance websites and provides Best Freelance Jobs. Hireable.com is a work locators' platform based in Irvine, California. the web site aims to bring people closer to their dream jobs.

Freelance jobs and also places a pool of talents within the reach of companies. With Hireable.com, businesses improve many applications from job seekers' from different countries, regions, and territories.


Toptal (company) is a web marketplace where you'll find the best freelance jobs and hire freelance developers, financials, and designers. they're sometimes compared to Upwork (previously oDesk and Elance, merged together). All freelancers undergo the vetting process before they get accepted on the platform.


FreelanceIndia.com is India’s first freelance jobs portal, managed by a highly dedicated team of execs and headed by Mr. L.N Agarwal – Alumni of BITS Pilani and VJTI, with business experience in concerns like L&T, Telco, and IBP.

Today, FreelanceIndia.com is one of the fastest-growing freelance job portals in India. At FreelanceIndia.com we have an in complexity store of not only professional and persons with projects from every possible category but also professionals with the requisite skills for these assignments


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